Words from the Artist

"I am an abstract artist originially from the Bronx now residing and working out of Plainfield, New Jersey with Ecuadorian roots. I mostly work with acrylic ink and watercolors, I tend to focus on abstract geometrical patterns attempting to convey emotions with these different colors and patterns. I like to focus on mental health awareness by making pieces that people can connect and resonate with where they can take something away from and maybe reflect with themselves or just at a time in their daily life. 


My logo is enrealment and that also is about my beliefs and what I try to get across. This idea “enrealment” is about focusing on both the light and dark sides of life not just being enlightened with the blissful side of life but also have enrealment where one is in all aspects of reality at once and i really resonate with that, I like to embrace the dark parts of life as much as the happy ones and just embrace what makes us human beings, it is a struggle but i still believe its beautiful and I hope my art embodies that."